About US

Welcome to Lindsay Lucas Candles. The home of quality candles and home fragrance goods. All of my candles and products are lovingly created in my purpose built unit, Everything is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

I started making candles many years ago as a hobby in my kitchen to give as gifts and for myself, after requests from people to buy them and years of testing, trial and error I now operate from a large warehouse with my own team to help me. I am still 100% involved in all aspects of making and designing and over see everything in the unit.

My aim is to fill your home with the most beautiful scents and accessories without overwhelming the senses to create a homely, comfortable ambience. I have a wide range of candles, wax melts, car air fresheners, room sprays and reed diffusers in over 60 fragrances. Check out the brand new Cologne and Perfume Scents

We are a tight team and are very family orientated and we love to convey that in the candles we create for you. Each of our candles is reminiscent of the simple, joyful memories of home whilst looking stylish and luxurious.


Eco Friendly

My candles are hand poured in Durham using UK-made materials, including soy wax, cotton wicks, recycled glass. I opted for soy wax since it’s biodegradable and burns clean β€” a plus if you’re prone to allergies


Not only do we carry over 60 fragrances, we use them across our whole product range! We bring out new scents every year, and we keep our seasonal scents available throughout the year as well! We have also added a new line of soaps, shower gels, body lotions and hand creams. After our success with our home and car fragrance products we have worked just as hard to develop our hand made beauty range.

Quick Order Processing

Nobody likes to wait for their orders. You order candles, you want them as fast as possible! We want you to have them. We ship orders within one to three business days. We ship from Durham and can get you your candles with just a couple of days. Sometimes even the next day! Shipping upgrades are also available if you re in a hurry!


You are not paying for a low quality candle with an affordable price. You are paying for the highest quality candle you can get for an affordable price. It’s what we do! Look below for some of the reasons we’re the best!

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