What is CSPR?

CSPR – What Is It and Why Is It Important for Cosmetics Formulators?

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is a document that must be prepared by a qualified safety assessor, who has evaluated the safety of a cosmetic product before it is placed on the market. It outlines the product’s safety profile and how the product has been shown to be safe for human use after a review of the toxicological and clinical data.

The CPSR is a legal requirement in the European Union, and it applies to all cosmetic products sold within the EU, whether from within or outside the EU. Here are some key points to understand about CSPR:

What Is CSPR, and Why Is It Important?

The CSPR is a document that evaluates the safety of a cosmetic product based on toxicological and clinical data. It’s a legal document that must be prepared to ensure that the cosmetic product complies with EU regulations.

The document provides safety data on the cosmetic product to verify that the product is safe to use and that any potential health hazards have been evaluated and addressed. It also ensures the safety of the cosmetic product for consumers.

How and When Is CSPR Used?

The CSPR must be prepared before a cosmetic product is placed on the market. The safety assessor will compile the required safety data, such as clinical and toxicological data, product formulation and packaging, and any additional data on the product’s safety.

The safety assessor reviews and evaluates the data, followed by a safety assessment and the preparation of the CPSR. The cosmetic product manufacturer must then use the CPSR to ensure that their product complies with EU regulations.

Who Needs to Use CSPR?

All cosmetic product manufacturers who trade within the EU must comply with the regulations, ensuring that a CSPR is in place. A qualified safety assessor must carry out the preparation of the CSPR. The safety assessor must hold formal qualifications in toxicology or a similar scientific discipline, along with suitable experience in the preparation of CPSRs.


In conclusion, the CSPR is a critical document that is legally required in the European Union to ensure that all cosmetic products undergo a safety assessment before they are placed on the market. The assessment ensures that the product is safe for human use, and any potential health hazards have been evaluated and addressed.

Cosmetic product manufacturers must comply with the regulations and ensure that the necessary toxicological and clinical data are available to compile a CPSR. The role of the qualified safety assessor is vital to ensuring that the CSPRs are prepared correctly to ensure consumers’ safety.

As consumers increasingly become more conscious of what goes into their cosmetic products, ensuring cosmetic product safety is critical for any company in the industry. A poorly formulated or harmful product can have severe and long-lasting reputational and financial consequences. The CSPR ensures that the cosmetic product meets safety standards, increasing consumers’ confidence in the product’s safety and quality. Thus, the CSPR plays a crucial role in protecting the public and the industry’s reputation. Companies who comply with the CSPR requirements demonstrate their commitment to meeting the highest cosmetic safety standards, providing consumers with safe and high-quality products.

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