The Best Bedroom Scents


I’ve been doing the big clean before Christmas, you know the one where you pull everything out to make sure its all perfect before you start putting up the Christmas decorations? Yep, that one. So I thought now would be a good time to start refreshing my bedroom scents and it got me thinking about the perfect bedroom fragrances. What are the perfect scents to create that clean but cozy feeling in the bedroom? Some scents are better than others to use in a bedroom setting. Although, everyone has their own taste I have curated a short list of popular scents that will create that relaxing, dreamy ambience we all need in the bedroom. 

So lets get into it! Follow along for the best bedroom fragrances that will induce sleep, calm nerves & add romance

We work hard to make sure our bedrooms are soothing environments. Washing the bedding, picking up clutter, designing the aesthetic of the room. All to set the mood for sleep and relaxation. One of the best ways to set the tone for your bedroom is with fragrance. A scent can create a feeling or dictate the environment as soon as you enter a space.

Using scent to make your bedroom the perfect place for sleep is easy to do. And there are so many different ways to do so.

I decided to categorise the scents into moods.

  • Refreshing
  • Relaxing
  • Romantic

And I think I have the perfect scents for the job!

I’m also going to write about different ways to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and how to build on scents and switch the mood.

First of all, lets talk candles in the bedroom. For me personally, its a 100% yes. They are romantic and relaxing. Their soft flickering light and beautiful scents create instant ambiance. A scented candle does a great job at setting a soothing mood in the bedroom.

Some of the reasons I love candles in my bedroom:

  • Relaxing lighting
  • Beautiful scents
  • Sets the mood
  • Easy to change
  • Seasonal options

However, it can be dangerous using them in the bedroom if you fall asleep without distinguishing them first so please use them with caution and never light a candle before going to sleep. If you personally don’t like candles in the bedroom I have lots of ideas to inspire you to fragrance your room and create that fresh, relaxing feeling.



Refreshing scents are often thought as invigorating and better to use when waking up, I love refreshing scents when I’m cleaning or tidying. It just gives that extra clean and fresh burst. I do suggest using these scents more lightly in the evenings so they are not too stimulating as you head off to sleep. 

I would recommend these types of fragrances when getting up and ready for the day and when cleaning

Products I would recommend: Hoover Discs, Sprays and Carpet Freshener.




Its not surprising that relaxing scents are by far the most popular choice for a bedroom, It is the one place we can completely chill out. Aromatherapy is commonly used to encourage relaxation. There are so many relaxing scents out there, but the following are a few of my all time favourites.

I would recommend these types of fragrance as your background scents. Perfect for reading a book.

Products I would recommend: Reed Diffusers, Plug Ins and Candles



The bedroom isn’t only used for sleep. Sadly mine is but that’s a whole other blog! It is also a great place for romance, making romantic scents a popular choice. They tend to be heavier scents with musk and spice notes but can also be quite relaxing too. Here are my absolute favourites.

I would recommend these fragrances for date night! They are real mood setters.

Products I would recommend for romantic scents are scented candles and diffusers

FRESH BEDDING Is there anything better then climbing into fresh sheets after a long day!  Scented washing powders are also a great way to add a fresh and relaxing scent into your bedroom.

If you really want to give your bedroom a relaxing vibe, choose a soothing lavender scented soap powder that you only use on your bedding. This gives your bedroom a unique scent that you will begin to associate with sleep.

You can also refresh your bedding with a fabric freshener between washes.

FABRIC FRESHENERS As mentioned above are a great way to freshen up bed linen, throws and cushions.  Simply spritz your linens after making your bed in the morning for a fresh and wonderful smelling bedroom.

I like to spray in the morning to give your bed more than enough time to dry out from the linen spray. They are quick drying and even have antimicrobial properties to keep your bed extra clean and fresh smelling. Avoid using on silks and delicates.

PLUG INS are a great back ground scent. I love walking into a room and getting a waft of fragrance. Plug ins are perfect for a bedroom as you can turn the intensity up and down. I like to pair up a Plug in with a scented candle. I have just refilled mine for the seasonal change; I went with Snowflake Sparkle and paired it with a White Winter Candle. Both compliment each other being fresh and festive scents.

FRESH FLOWERS Who doesn’t love a bunch of flowers? They are such a beautiful focus point for a bedroom. Some flowers are much more scented than others, talk to your local florist if you are wanting a little extra scent in your home.

Flowers also release more scent once they reach warm air, adding extra fresh floral scent in the evenings or when the sun comes in through your window. Some flowers will trigger allergies. Be mindful of this if you are freshening up a guest bedroom.

ROOM SPRAYS are perfect for that quick burst of scent, you can literally freshen up a room in seconds! I find them great for the corners of a room and mainly use them where air doesn’t naturally flow or circulate. 


I find these types of products the most versatile. There are so many variations of wax melts and oils and they can be quite a fun product to use. You can find anything from elaborate shapes, to sparkly salts and even easy clean liquid types. They are great for scent pairing as well with a diffuser or plug in. They will set the mood just like a candle will.


There are just so many ways to keep your bedroom smelling fresh. I hope I have inspired you with your fragrance choice and scent pairing. In the near future I am planning on adding a blog all anout scent pairing as it is loads of fun, mixing and matching fragrances and products. If you require any further information please reach out and get in touch.

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