Scent Fatigue


As we all know by now, I am fully obsessed with fragrance. I am constantly reading, researching, and testing so we can all get the best out of our fragranced products.
Our sense of smell is so powerful I just found this subject really interesting so i wanted to share it with you all.
Have you ever noticed your long term favourite candles or diffusers just aren’t packing the punch they normally do?
You might be experiencing olfactory fatigue. The body becomes desensitized to stimuli to prevent the overloading of the nervous system, thus allowing it to respond to new stimuli that are ‘out of the ordinary In other words, your nose has gotten used to the scent! Olfactory Fatigue is a sensory adaptation. It enables your body to adapt to prolonged exposure to smells so that your nervous systems don’t become overloaded, as it needs to be ready to respond to new smells. The human body and our senses work in curious ways. This is totally normal (and solvable), and can happen after using the same scent for a long period of time.
An example I found really interesting was; When you walk into a restaurant the smell of food is really strong, but once you have sat for a while and finished your meal you barely notice the smell anymore. Aren’t our bodies amazing!


Its really simple! Rotate your scents. Swap out your usual scents or product types when you notice its strength fading, try different types of fragrances through your home – If your preference is a Fresh Linen scent, mix it up with other fresh scents like meditation or Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Mixing up scents will help you continue to notice the fragrances while mixing up product type (i.e., occasionally swapping candles for Diffusers or room sprays) will allow you to experience it in new ways!


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