Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle With Our Eco-Friendly Products



When purchasing home fragrance products, one of the biggest concerns for many consumers is the impact their packaging has on the environment. Throughout our site, you’ll notice that our candles and diffusers are created from glass instead of the typical plastic. Keep reading to discover why choosing eco-friendly products is so important and ways in which you can reuse your packaging after your product is finished.


Why You Should Choose Glass Instead of Plastic

Our eco-friendly bottles and jars are made with glass instead of plastic, which is one of the most common materials used for home fragrance products. The only products on our site that use plastic are our wax melts, and this plastic is completely recyclable. We are 100% committed to being a plastic-free company and are making progress in changing these over to another material. Our glass packaging can be refilled and reused in a variety of ways, and this material is a much more sustainable solution for the future. We understand glass can be fragile but rest assured every order is safely packaged, using biodegradable and recyclable packing materials.


Glass is a non-toxic material that is free from potentially harmful chemicals which could damage your health. It is a strong and reliable material, making it ideal for holding diffusers and similar products. On top of that, glass is a more luxurious product and looks great in any home. You’ll find that your new diffuser or candle from our collection looks great in any room and will add a touch of class to any table or surface. You’ll also benefit from a pleasant and natural scent that will keep your home smelling and feeling fresher for longer.


Refill Your Empty Vessel

Once you’ve finished using your diffuser, we highly encourage you to use our eco-friendly refill service. This saves you money and is so much more environmentally friendly than purchasing another brand new product once again. Our car products and reed diffusers can all be refilled, and once you’ve found your favourite scent, you can return to it over and over again. If you fancy mixing things up, take the opportunity to try something new as well and explore our full product range. When we all play our part in minimising the number of containers that end up in landfills, we can help to protect our planet for the future.

Ways to Reuse Your Glass Vessels


After using your product, you might be wondering how you can use your glass vessels in different ways around your home. Although glass is recyclable, we recommend reducing your waste and reusing our vessels to reduce consumption in your home. These are just a few of the fun ways in which you can reuse a glass jar.


Create a Stationery Pot

If you are sick and tired of loose pens and pencils cluttering up your desk, you’ll find that you can create a pretty pot for your stationery. With so many of us working from home, having these tools to hand has never been more important. To add more colour and personalisation to your space, decorate your glass jar with glitter or nail varnish. You’ll brighten up any desk while also keeping your space more organised.


A Beautiful Glass Vase

Almost any glass vessel can be used to hold flowers of different shapes and sizes. Fill a glass jar with fresh water, and then add flowers from your garden or a local flower store. It’s a great way to create another pretty decoration in your home and bring more nature into your house.


Tea Light Holders

Empty candle jars make great tea light holders, once you have thoroughly cleaned the jar pop in a tea light to create a glowing atmosphere. Decorate with glitter and ribbon to give it an extra special touch.

Our quote candles would make super cute repurposed gifts


As you can see, our glass bottles are the ideal solution for a wide range of products. We highly recommend reusing and refilling glass vessels once you’ve enjoyed using one of our candles or diffusers in your home. We are incredibly passionate about our eco-friendly products and how making small switches in your life can ensure you minimise your impact on the world around you. Make sure you check out our full range of home fragrance products for yourself to see how our products could improve your home and car in the upcoming months.

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