Fresh Cut Grass Reed Diffuser Refill

Fresh Cut Grass Reed Diffuser Refill


Elevate Your Space with the Perfect Scent: Lindsay Lucas Candle Reed Diffuser Refills

Introducing the ultimate way to bring the warmth and ambiance of Lindsay Lucas Candles to any room in your home. Our Reed Diffuser Refills are designed to provide a continuous and subtle fragrance experience, perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a scented candle without the flame.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our 100ml glass bottle refills are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Simply place the reeds in the bottle, and the fragrance will diffuse into the air, providing a gentle and consistent scent throw. The reeds can be reused multiple times, making this a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Choose from 80 Exclusive Scents

We offer an impressive range of 80 unique scents, carefully crafted by Lindsay Lucas to evoke emotions and transport you to a state of serenity. From uplifting citrus blends to soothing floral fragrances, there's a scent to match your mood and style. Explore our extensive collection and discover the perfect aroma for your home.

Key Features

  • 100ml glass bottle refill
  • 80 exclusive scents to choose from
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Reusable reeds for multiple uses
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective option
  • Perfect for use in any room or space

Why Choose Lindsay Lucas Candle Reed Diffuser Refills?

  • High-quality fragrance oils that are free from harsh chemicals and toxins
  • Unique scents that are carefully crafted to evoke emotions and create a sense of well-being
  • Durable and reusable reeds that minimize waste
  • Affordable and convenient option for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere

Order Your Favourite Scents Today

One 100ml Eco Friendly glass bottle

Hand Made and vegan friendly

Simply pour into your diffuser bottle and relax!

My Formula is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint, and uses innovative technology from Soya Based renewable resources to give superior home fragrance

Tips on How to Use a Reed Diffuser

Place your diffuser in a high traffic area where the fragrance will disperse throughout the room with air circulation. Another great spot is just inside the room near the door so you pick up the scent as you enter the room. In many cases, think of a diffuser as a bouquet of flowers - you'll smell the fragrance as you walk by, but it won't necessarily fill the room with fragrance.

Flip the reeds for more fragrance. You can flip a few reeds every few days or all the reeds everyday. Keep in mind the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate.

Use caution when flipping the reeds. Flip the reeds over a wastebasket or sink and be sure to clean the vessel of any fragrance oil drips before placing on a delicate counter top.

Use a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging a precious counter top.

Flip all of the reeds on all of your diffusers before leaving for vacation. When you return home you'll be welcomed by an inviting fragrance rather than a stale, stuffy home.

Pick the right size diffuser for your room. Diffusers are just like candles - the larger the diffuser, the greater the fragrance so these will work well in big rooms. Smaller diffusers work well in smaller spaces like powder rooms and small bedrooms.

If you buy refill oil for your diffuser, clean out the vessel with soap and water and let it dry completely before you refill it. It’s better to start with fresh oil than continuously add to old oil.

When you change the oil, change the reeds. Reeds get dusty and clogged over time and lose efficiency.

Not all reeds are the same. Manufacturers select the optimum reeds for their oil so it’s best to stick with the same brand.

Make your own diffuser with a vessel you have at home. Any small, non-porous container with a narrow opening (like a small wine bottle) will work well. Buy diffuser refill oil and a set of reeds and set up as described above and you're good to go!

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