Citronella Plug In Refill

Citronella Plug In Refill


SAVE MONEY and reduce plastic waste by refilling your current plug in

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with this plug in air freshener refill

100Ml glass Bottle

3 filter sticks included

Add some beautiful fragrance to your home with a plug in air freshener to set whatever mood you want to create. Opt for a relaxing essential oil diffuser such as lavender or cedarwood for a place of rest like living rooms and bedrooms, and choose a more invigorating room diffuser with citrus notes like lemongrass for a busy room like the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. An air freshener is not only a brilliant way of banishing unpleasant smells, it also helps to impact the overall feel of a room. With a massive variety of scents to choose from, you are sure to find a fragrance diffuser to suit your mood here.


Hand Made and vegan friendly

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Refill Volume

Reed Diffusers, Refill (100ml), Refill (200ml), Refill (300ml)