Cherry Fabric Freshener Spray

Cherry Fabric Freshener Spray


Lindsay Lucas Candles’ fabric freshener spray is the perfect solution for refreshing textiles within your home or office. Packed with over 70 delightful scent combinations, this 100ml glass bottle can restore a myriad of fabrics to a like-new freshness in just a few sprays. Each scent is expertly crafted to awaken the senses and provide a long-lasting aroma that lingers long after use. Whether you’re freshening up your clothes, drapes, furniture upholstery, or even your car seats, Lindsay Lucas Candles’ fabric freshener spray is an effortless way to restore a clean and refreshing ambiance.

The one place you want to be most comfortable is your home, and that means keeping your surroundings looking and smelling fresh. Whether it’s the carpet, furniture, or any other fabric, many items around your home can hold on to unpleasant odours. Use our Fabric Spray to freshen up home furnishings

One 100ml Glass Spray bottle

Hand poured and vegan friendly

Simply spray your room with this calming homely fragrance and relax!