Essential Oil Bath Salts

Essential Oil Bath Salts


Natural Bath Salts

Our bath salts are fragranced with 100% pure essential oils! They are made with high quality salts. They are free from any chemicals and preservatives. Shake well before use, and use about 2 tablespoons for each bath.
You will soon be enveloped in a world of delicious scents and a wonderfully relaxing feeling!
Our formulations offer relief from dry skin, fatigue, stress & muscle pain. These natural mineral salts draw out impurities from your body & stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.

3 sizes available
200ml bottle
300ml bottle
500ml bottle

Scents available:

Tangerine - Enjoy the bursting citrusy fragrance of tangerines while soaking in our high quality bath salt! Tangerine bath salts with essential oils, combined with Rock Salt will awaken your senses!
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride Rock Crystal, Alcohol, Tangerine Oil, Orange Blood Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Tartrazine

Lavender - Lavender Bath Salts deeply cleansing and relaxing Soothing lavender oil is combined with naturally cleansing sea salt to create these purifying bath salts. The word lavender comes from the latin "lavare" to wash, which reflects the cleansing and purifying properties of the plant.
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride Rock Crystal, Alcohol, Lavender Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Indigo Carmine

Rosemary - This wonderfully scented blend is mixed with pure Rosemary essential oil! NOTE: Rosemary increases circulation - please check with your doctor if you have circulatory problems!
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride Rock Crystal, Alcohol, Rosemary Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Indigo Carmine, Tartrazine

Rose Geranium - Rose Geranium Bath Salt has a distinctive warm, intense and immensely rich fragrance which makes you feel like royalty. Rose Geranium’s soothing properties is great for sensitive and delicate skin. Rose Geranium smells like a cloud of roses which calms your body and soul. Rose Geranium Aroma Bath Salt contain high quality salts helps relax sore muscles and joints. Sea Salts relieve muscle and body ache, act as an antiseptic to reduce inflammations and bacteria.
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride Rock Crystal, Alcohol, Geranium Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Allura Red


Epsom Salts - The salt in Epsom creates a high-mineral content that duplicates the benefits of a hot spring. Adding these great salts to a bath is an excellent way of combating stress and alleviating muscular aches and pains. The high magnesium content in Epsom salt also facilitates the removal of acids through the skin.

Dead Sea Salts - The Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the world with far greater concentrations of minerals than any ocean (a concentration of 32% minerals compared to other seas, holding approximately 3%). Bromides and Iodine are present in Dead Sea Salt, including other minerals in a dried form, such as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. All these minerals work together as regulators of cell activity and daily functioning, relieving muscular pain and stabilizing fluid levels in the body.
The rough nature of the salt lends itself to skin scrubs (exfoliation) and can also be used with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). We recommend you try Dead Sea Salt as a body scrub, or just as a relaxing additive to your baths.

Directions for Use: While filling tub to desired level, pour one to two handfuls (about 1/3 cup) of bath salts into your bath. Stir the bath salts into the water and circulate them well, so they start to dissolve and the fragrance is released into the steam. Relax and Enjoy!

Bathing in salt crystals stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, increases moisture retention, promotes cellular regeneration, detoxifies the skin and helps heals dry, scaling irritated skin. May reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints, relax muscles and relieve pain and soreness.
Use in the bath, to soak your feet after a long day or even mix with olive oil to create a natural body exfoliator.

TIP: Mineral-rich, these salts help break down and soften hard skin. If you suffer from rough or hard skin on your feet, soak with these salts once a week in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then apply dry salts to exfoliate, rinse off and remove any excess skin with a foot file or pumice. Pat dry and follow with our Argan Oil to lock in moisture.

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200ml Bottle, 300ml Bottle, 500ml Bottle


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