What To Do If A Delivered Parcel Is missing. Who Is Responsible?

Online shopping has become more popular than ever, and with the current pandemic situation, many people have no choice but to rely heavily on delivery services to receive their orders. Unfortunately, this dependence on delivery has also resulted in an increase of package thefts. A parcel can be declared as delivered, but when you go to retrieve it, it’s nowhere to be found! So who is responsible for a stolen package? Let’s find out.

Responsibility of Courier Companies

Once a courier company has delivered a package to a customer’s address, they are no longer responsible for that item. If a package is marked as delivered, it is assumed that the package reached its intended destination. Because of this, courier companies and delivery services have a “proof of delivery” system in place where a delivery person must confirm that they have delivered the package to the intended customer.

However, if the delivery person has delivered the item to the wrong address, then they are responsible for the loss of the package. If the package is never delivered and is lost by the courier service during transit, then the courier company is responsible for the loss. It is essential to track your package frequently and make sure that it is headed to the right address and to contact the courier company immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Responsibility of the Seller

If the package is delivered to the right address, and the courier has confirmed its delivery, the seller is not responsible for the package theft. Once a package has been delivered, ownership of that package is transferred to the recipient. Therefore, the seller has no obligations regarding the loss of the package.

However, some sellers may offer insurance or package protection options during the checkout process, which can cover the cost of lost or stolen packages. It is always best to check with the seller regarding their policies on lost or stolen packages before making a purchase.

What should you do if your package is stolen?

If your package is marked as “Delivered,’ but it hasn’t arrived, the first step should be to contact the courier service or delivery provider and tell them that your package has gone missing. If the courier confirms that the package is lost, get a confirmation of that in writing for future reference. This is crucial if you need to claim compensation.

If your package is marked as delivered, but you didn’t receive it, it could mean that somebody else, has taken it or the courier delivered it to the wrong address. Here are a few things you can do:

-Check the tracking details: You can look up your package’s tracking details to confirm the exact location of your package. Verify the delivery address and recipient information. Check the doorstep and any other possible delivery locations.

-Report the theft to your local authorities: File a police report, especially if the item you ordered is expensive. This might not help you recover the package, but it might deter future incidents.

-Contact the seller or company: They may compensate you for the loss or offer you a replacement if they have a lost package policy in place.


In conclusion, if a courier company has delivered a package, and the package has been stolen or gone missing, the courier cannot be held liable for the loss. The seller is also not responsible if the package is delivered to the correct address, and the courier confirms the delivery.

The person who ordered the product and is the recipient of the package is responsible for ensuring that their package arrives safely. It is best to track your package and verify it reaches the correct address. In case the item is lost or stolen, you can file a complaint with the courier and contact the authorities and the seller if needed.

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