Meet The Team – Ella

Introducing Our Staff: Meet Ella!

At Lindsay Lucas Candles, we pride ourselves on having a hardworking and dedicated team. One of the most valuable members of our team is Ella, who started working with us in 2020. Despite being only 20 years old, Ella brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to our company.

Ella is currently studying towards a law degree, and she is in her final year. While law may be her main focus, her true passion lies in true crime documentaries. She can often be found discussing the latest twist and turns of her favourite mysteries with her coworkers.

In addition to being a true crime buff, Ella is also incredibly reliable and always keeps morale high. She has an infectious energy that helps to motivate everyone around her. Ella’s love for music is also a prominent aspect of her personality, as she can’t work without some tunes playing in the background!

When it comes to making home fragrances, Ella is a pro. She has received training in all aspects of the process and has excelled in all areas. However, her true strength lies in creating liquid-based products like Reed diffusers and plug-ins. Her attention to detail and precision in creating the perfect scent profile has earned her praise from both team members and customers alike.

Overall, we are incredibly fortunate to have Ella as part of our team at Lindsay Lucas Candles. Her dedication, hard work, and positive attitude make her a valuable asset to our company. We look forward to seeing how she continues to grow and thrive in her role with us!

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