Cruelty Free


The testing of cosmetic products and ingredients


LL Candles Limited share the public’s concern that animals should not be used to test cosmetics and toiletries products. It is LL Candles Limited’s policy to ensure that animals are not used to develop and test our products. None of our finished products have ever been tested on animals, nor have we ever commissioned our suppliers or any other company to carry out animal testing on our behalf.

LL Candles Limited ingredient suppliers provide positive confirmation that they comply with our policy on animal testing for cosmetic purpose on all ingredients utilised in our cosmetics and toiletries products.

We produce all collections in-house in our Work unit, so have the flexibility to tailor products to meet our clients individual requirements.


The use of animal derivaties


No animal derivatives, including bee products, are utilised in the manufacture of our cosmetic and toiletries and home fragrance products.