Aphrodisiacs For Valentine’s


So Christmas has been and gone, you’ve probably already quit you’re New Year, New Me phase and now you are thinking about Valentine’s Day.

I’m quite a novelty person so I do like Valentine’s Day, its nice to show someone you care about appreciation and treat them to a special evening or gift just because you love them. Although I do firmly believe you should be showing your partner appreciation more then once a year, its nice to make a special day out of it!

I will be recommending scents for Galentine’s, Valentine’s, for him and for self Love

I thought it would be a good time to write about seductive scents. Obviously I had to bring the smut! It wouldn’t be me otherwise…

My recommendations are based on research and opinion with the aim of helping you set the mood for however you choose to celebrate.

I’ve wrote about how scents can enhance how you feel briefly in my Bedroom Scents Blog Post as I think its so interesting how scents can alter how we feel and even inspire us. I think scent is such a powerful sense and is often forgotten about.


The main advantage of candles is their specific scent. The scent enters the brain through the olfactory organs and affects the pituitary gland,  it secretes endorphins – your happiness hormones. It makes, people feel happier, more relaxed, calmer, and more confident.

Different scents have different properties. 

Some scents can help to attract love. So don’t worry all you single pringles its not just about the love birds, I’ve got you covered too!


Gingerbread has a musky, earthy aroma. This is a truly masculine fragrance. The arousing aroma of ginger increases confidence and physical strength.

Patchouli has long been used in Indian wedding ceremonies. It calms, relaxes and rekindles desire.

Rose attracts love and brings comfort. The calming aroma also creates an environment of relaxation that fosters intimacy. Rose smells like a presentation of feelings and emotions.

Vanilla With its sweet and enticing nature, vanilla is one of the most recognisable mood-enhancing scents around. Its light and comforting aroma has long been thought to induce a euphoric effect, leaving both men and women feel very sensual! 









Candles are synonymous with romance. Our range of Valentine’s Day Candle Gifts make it easy to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere. If you are planning a special evening with the one you love, incorporate some dinner candles to set the mood.  You could also:

  • Place some votive candles in votive candle holders in a large heart shape in your living room.
  • Use floating candles in bowls of water scattered with rose petals. 
  • Place Pillar candles on shelves, counter tops and tables, you can use standing candle holders or candle plates, spreading them out throughout the room. 
  • Use a collection of tea light candles to light a pathway, you can have this lead to a surprise, like an evening picnic or a bubble bath or a glass of champagne! 

You can change the most ordinary room into a romantic retreat in an instant with candles. They fill the air with beautiful fragrance, illuminate the space in a subtle cosy glow and represent a time to relax!


I get asked a lot which scents are suitable for men so I thought it would be handy to add in my recommendations. Research suggests statistically, men prefer woody scents and in my experience of making and selling fragranced products I would agree.

Sea Spray is a fresh, clean masculine scent

Cedarwood is a rustic woody scent

Patchouli & Leather is probably the most popular scent men buy from me, its herbal, woody and earthy

Courageous and Oud Wood are similar to well known high end aftershaves

My personal favourite scent from our masculine collection is Oud Wood. Oud smells so expensive and luxurious, probably because it is!




You will have him howling this Valentine’s day by adding some humour with a hilarious cheeky gift. We have a huge selection of naughty candles in our swearing candles section


I love this, Its a reasonably new thing I believe. Galentine’s Day, formed by a blend of gal and Valentine’s Day, is women celebrating their female friendships. … That’s right: Galentine’s Day—a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends. Who doesn’t want to spoil their bestie? 

Why is Galentine’s day important?
Galentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to leave husbands, boyfriends and significant others at home and to gather with other women to celebrate female friendships — usually over a boozy brunch
Women supporting and uplifting other women.                                                                                                           
In my opinion the perfect scent for Galentine’s Day is Rose Oud, It smells like a special treat. The Rose notes are synonymous with love and the Oud brings the luxury. It is the perfect pretty, feminine scent. I have a ton of friendship candles in the shop


Focus on you. Don’t forget to love yourself.                                                                               

Show love for yourself and appreciation for the love that surrounds you in whatever simple self-care activities bring you joy, rest, or relaxation. Connect with an old friend, take a nap, do that home hobby you’ve been wanting to try, enjoy the outdoors, or treat yourself to some yummy snacks.

Scents associated with self love are Neroli and Orange

Neroli has a citrus and floral scent, and is both calming and uplifting.  Orange is uplifting and energizing scent that can help to boost mood. 



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